Pressure Cooker Steamed Rice – two easy ways!

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Steam has great power. Remember James Watt’s steam engine, which deployed the same power for pulling massive train bogies? The same steam transforms raw rice into a delicious, palatable dish which makes our salivary juices flow. Rice may be cooked in different ways depending on one’s preference and method. A person may like to boil rice for a long time, but may end up losing a lot of time and fuel in the process. There comes the magic of pressure cooker in preparing steamed rice in a matter of few minutes!

Before, I unveil the method of preparing pressure cooker steamed rice, let me point out some advantages of using a pressure cooker for steaming food. To cook delicious rice you need to choose a good pressure cooker, you can choose one carefully after reading electric pressure cooker reviews. The first obvious advantage of using a pressure cooker for steaming rice is the short cooking time involved. A small cooking time ensures that food is heated for a very small period, and therefore the chances of water loss are minimal. So, the second advantage is preserved water. A third advantage is retained nutritional capacity. Yes, steamed rice are much more nutritious than boiled rice. A pressure cooker makes food proteins easier to digest, another advantage of cooking rice in a pressure cooker. Research studies have confirmed the positive effects of pressure cooker on steamed rice, and therefore you can trust me for these benefits are real facts!

Let us now understand the two methods for pressure cooker steamed rice. The first step is to select a proper pressure cooker which generates steam when required and is safe to operate. The next step is to arrange rice grains and water soak them for some time. You can always add salt, oil and vegetables to taste.

In the first method, water soaked rice are transferred in the same vessel into the pressure cooker. Next, water is added inside the pressure cooker at 25% of its depth and the cooker lid is placed airtight. The heat is initiated, but the weight is not placed and one whistle of steam is allowed to escape. Next, the weight is placed and three whistles are allowed to escape. The heater is then turned off and the cooker is left undisturbed for 10-15 minutes. When you open the cooker later, your steamed rice are ready!

In the second method, water soaked rice are poured inside the pressure cooker with little oil, salt or vegetables to taste. Water is added equivalent to 1.5 times the quantity of rice and the mixture is stirred well. Next, the cooker lid is placed and a weight is added. The cooker is allowed to heat for the first whistle, and then the heat is turned off. Allow the rice to stay untouched for nearly 10-15 minutes. Next, lift the cooker lid, and enjoy your steamed rice!

Whatever method you may choose, you will definitely relish the taste of perfectly cooked rice, while saving a lot of time on cooking as well as on the food nutrients! So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

How does organic food help you lose weight?


According to many types of research and surveys, it is clear that the food, fruits, and veggies are agriculture without any synthetic nourishments declared more healthy, nutritious, and beneficial for human body and life. It is overwhelming that people nowadays switching towards organic foods due to its countless advantages for the human body. All those food which navigates under the satisfy method of concrete standards of agriculture and farming is known as organic food.

People usually ask what the benefits of organic food are? Organic food contains relatively least amount of any chemical and pesticides, unlike conventional agriculture. Organic food is fresh, healthier and free from GMO, synthetic chemicals, antibiotics and fertilizers. It is very relevant to state that according to many medical types of research, surveys and studies, organic food is best to lose weight with a healthy body.
How organic foods are useful to lose weight?
Obesity and overweight are the big increasing problems today in the world, but yes organic food surely help you to lose weight with maintaining health factors in the human body. Let us discuss how organic food will be helpful to lose weight and get rid of obesity at high.

1. It provides better nutrition and less weight:

According to recent 343 studies by the British journal of nutrition has apparently stated that food from organic crops is much healthier, beneficial, rich in antioxidants than conventional crops. Furthermore many researches and experts have reviewed their point with the organic foods are more helping against obesity

2. Synthetic fertilizers and chemical mostly cause obesity and many health problems

Chemicals and artificial fertilizers are the biggest cause of increasing medical problems as well as obesity or weight gain. But with the organic food you can have fruits, veggies, meat, etc without any artificial additives, chemicals, antibiotics etc. from the research study of new castle university food and vegetables growing under organic process are carried the 12% of the healthy plant. Let me share another research from American journal of the clinical study stated that the important element of such healthy plant is flavonols, it is highly efficient and useful to hold appetite of the person and make it feel full, and also useful to maintain sugar levels in blood flow. Another compound with the plant is resveratrol, this element is efficiently making the person feel full with its food and then it cause for losing weight with all nutrition.

3. Rich with many minerals, vitamins, full fiber content and fewer calories

Many types of research and surveys conducted with the matter and found a positive answer that organic foods are high in fiber and extremely less calorie compound. Some experts describe the reason for this, organic farms are not utilizing any harmful and toxic pesticides and chemicals and those are the biggest problem with health issues and gain weight.


Health is the blessing of God; try to keep it in good condition, organic food is the way towards healthy life. Throughout the world experts and professors are saying to switch on organic food. In this case, you can lose weight easily with all health features.

What is organic food? Understanding its benefits



The term “organic food” is usually used to describe a variety of types of food. Many equate the word “organic” with “natural” in this case. However, the word “natural” in this case is rather vague.

Generally, it is used in the description of foodstuffs that have gone through very little or no processing at all, or foodstuffs that are manufactured with only“natural” produce. The term “natural food” does not categorically assure a lot since different geographical jurisdictions have different regulations regarding organic foods. Some jurisdictions do not have any regulations at all. The United States, for example, is one country that does not have any particular standards, thus the term does not actually mean much.

Understanding its Benefits

The term “organic” or “natural foods” is used to define foodstuffs that do not contain additives or foodstuffs that have not gone through excessive processing. It is also used to talk about foods that do not contain specific substances like antibiotics, food coloring, hormones, sweeteners or artificial flavourings.

The majority of shoppers appear to favour foodstuffs that have a “natural” or “organic” label against foodstuffs with no such labeling. This is irrespective of whether or not that “natural” benchmark has actually been applied in the manufacture of these foodstuffs. People generally assume that foodstuffs that have such labels do not contain any artificial and therefore “damaging” ingredients. Many food manufacturers abuse the word “natural” when they promote their food products. This is why it should not be taken to mean “organic” in every case.

The word “natural” is hence not acknowledged by the International Food and Agriculture Organization’s Codex Alimentarius. Instead, the word “organic” is used, acknowledged and has a standard.

All food stuffs, whether they are regarded as “organic” or not, are made from natural plant and animal products.

There are laws in many countries all over the world that are enforced so as to protect people when they purchase food products. Most of these laws relate to the packing and the classification of foodstuffs.

Benefits of Organic Foods

1. They are subjected to less processing

Organic food comprises of only organic (some say natural) ingredients. These are foodstuffs that are left to decay on their own. There are no synthetic condiments added to organic food stuffs so that they can last longer. Nothing is added either or to protect them from parasites and other things, though this can’t really be viewed as an advantage.

2. They have a good amount of nutrition

The loss of alimentary content during the processing of food is very common. This is one of the numerous reasons non-organic foods do not usually compare to organic foods. While non-organic food processing allows for mass production across a variety of markets, allowing food manufacturers to almost meet supply and demand necessities, the nutritional benefits of these foods are very few versus the nutritional benefits of organic foods.

3. They are better in taste better than many processed foodstuffs

Organic foodstuffs often taste better than their non-organic substitutes, though many taste just about the same. Companies that mass produce these foodstuffs have realized this thanks to a variety of taste tests. Processing food can lead to a reduction in the taste quality of foods.

Basically, organic foods are more beneficial to human health than non-organic foods. This is why they cost more. There are shops that sell organic foods and nothing else. Many grocery stores also have entire sections solely dedicated to selling such foods. Refer more at…/organic-food/art-20043880


How does organic food help your body?


Organic foods are defined as food produced without the use of artificial chemicals. If the food is from a plant produce, there is no use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms. For animals, neither antibiotics nor growth hormones are given to the animals.

Agribusiness recently has become more about profits and less emphasis given to nutrition and health. Most of the producers have embraced the conventional methods of food production that give them high yield hence more profits. Healthy eating is a great step towards a healthy life. It is important for the consumers to consider the nutrition they get from what they eat, the food safety and the sustainability of what they consume.

How does organic food help your body?

1. Organic food has better nutrition.

From different research done, organic food has been found to contain more nutrients that conventionally produced food. One study found that vegetable grown organically has 27% higher of vitamin C , more iron at 21% , more magnesium of around 29.3%, more phosphorus, and polyphenols. Organic meat is also found to be less fatty making it healthier.

2. No pesticides and herbicides used in production.

With no chemicals used in the process of production, there is less risk of diseases and disorders in your body. It has been noted that individuals who feed purely on organic food have stronger and more energetic body. Sterilization of food in our farms makes us less healthy which exposes us to food-borne diseases. Pesticides have been linked to infertility, leukemia, breast cancer, prostate cancer just to name a few. Herbicides have also been linked to cancer cases, infertility, cardiac cases and much more. These are serious health concerns that can not be taken lightly.

3. Resistance to antibiotics.

Non-organic food sources like livestock also use antibiotics. The extra dose given to these animals may lead to the weakening of the immune system when the food is consumed. Injection of this extra antibiotic can lead to overdosage of the body and reshaping of the body defense system which might eventually lead to the body becoming resistant to antibiotics.

4. More antioxidant value.

In scientific terms, antioxidants help in preventing oxidation in the body. oxidation is the process that can lead to free radicals in the body.Free radicals cause cancer in the body. Feeding on organic foods also brings more antioxidant value. Antioxidants have been shown to have multiple health benefits which include prevention of many cancers. A study done suggests that feeding on organic food can lead to increased intake of desirable antioxidants.

In conclusion, organic food plays a major role in our body. Unlike the organic food, non-organic food has a higher level of chemicals dangerous to the body. Not only is organic food containing more nutrients important for overall health, it also contains more antioxidants that protect against heart diseases, cancer, and other health problems.
production of organic food is not only better for human health. Studies have found that the organic food has better taste, increases environmental safety because harmful chemicals are not used, and also plays an important role in animal welfare. Animals in organic farming are not confined to cage life which is miserable to the welfare of the animals. more at

6 Healthy Tips to Cook Deep Fried Food

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There is simply no substitute for the taste and texture of deep fried foods but heavy calorie counts and large amounts of saturated fats can interfere with our enjoyment of those foods. If you follow these 6 healthy tips to cook deep fried food, you will be able to indulge more frequently and with less guilt.

  1. Fry without Oil

This tip isn’t often included in lists of healthy tips to cook deep fried food. You can “fry” food without using oil if you’re willing to invest in an oil-less fryer. I won’t mention any specific models here because there are several fryers on the market that have garnered solid customer reviews. These oil-less fryers typically combine convection, halogen heat, and infrared technology to achieve results that are very similar to frying without using oil. Use the best deep fryer for tasty recipes.

  1. Consume at Home

If you’ve decided to eat foods that are fried the traditional way, with oil, you should prepare and eat them at home. When you fry foods at home, you know exactly what type of oil is being used, how long the fried food has been drained, etc. If you’re at a restaurant, you have much less control. Additionally, a typical restaurant serves huge portions of fried fare. At home, you can control the portion size.

  1. Oil Selection

The type of oil in which you choose to fry your food is one of the most important healthy tips to cook deep fried food. Be sure to use an oil that’s heart-healthy, like peanut, canola, or soybean oil. It’s also very important to use fresh oil. If you’re not sure how old your oil is, check to make sure that it’s free of any solid particles and doesn’t have a funny smell. If you store your oil in the refrigerator, even fresh oil may appear cloudy. If you store your oil at room temperature, it should never appear cloudy.

  1. Ingredient Selection

If you’re of the opinion that all food tastes good when it’s fried, then why not swap out less healthy ingredient options, like potatoes and breaded onion rings, for healthier choices, like Brussels sprouts and cauliflower? This tip goes beyond the main food choice, as well, as you’ll want to think about any breading or batter that you might apply prior to frying. There are a lot of tasty, simple recipes for light tempura batters that are healthier than beer batters or heavy breading.

  1. Temperature Control

When frying with oil, use a candy thermometer to ensure that the oil is at the proper temperature throughout the cooking process. If it’s too cold, the food will absorb far too much oil. If it’s too hot, the oil will break down and impart a bad flavor to your food.

  1. Drain

When your food is finished frying, it’s important to thoroughly drain it on a bed of clean paper towels. Leave it to rest on the paper towels for a full 1-2 minutes to ensure that all excess oil is transferred onto the paper towels. I’ve seen recipes that suggest draining fried food on paper grocery bags but it’s been my experience that paper towels are more absorbent.

If you follow these 6 healthy tips to cook deep fried food, you’ll be on your way to better-tasting food and to better health! Interested in knowing more? Then, please read best deep fryer reviews blog.